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  • Beltrame Coltellerie

    An Italian company founded in 1953. The company founder Marcello Beltrame and his descendants made a classic Italian switchblade with an original name “Stiletto”. The products are known worldwide for their quality and “charisma”...

  • Böker

    The history of Böker brand goes back to the 17th century and its products were counted among the leading products in Germany already in the past. Because of the worsening situation, Hermann and Robert Böker decided to start their own production of sabers in 1829.

  • Cold Steel

    Cold steel is an American company from Ventura, California. Cold Steel is using for production of knives the Carbon V steel, which has a high content of carbon and San Mai III steel. The unusual process of hardening is a trade secret of company.

  • Elk Ridge

    Elk Ridge knives are produced by Americans for collectors, outdoor enthusiasts, and hunters. Elk ridge brand is produced by Master Cutlery according to the highest standards. Because knives are not produced in USA, they can be offered for a lower price.


    An Italian company founded in 1977. They offer a wide range of knives for everyday use, even special military tactical knives (Military Division). Since 2008 FOX KNIVES® is a certified supplier of knives for NATO troops.

  • Gerber

    Gerber Company was founded in 1939 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Their products are designed for soldiers, hunters, craftsmen and nature lovers. Gerber always meets your expectations.

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  • Glock

    Glock is an Austrian producer of the top weapons and military equipment named after its founder Gaston Glock. Today the company is known mainly as a producer of guns with a polymer frame, tactical accessories and high-quality military knives.

    The company was founded in 1963 in Deutsch-Wagram near Vienna. It originally produced plastic curtain rods and drawers. In the 70s began to supply military machine gun cartridge belts, training grenades, entrenching tools and field knives.

    In early 1980, Gaston Glock responded to the Army’s request for a new firearm. Although he did not have experience with developing guns, he managed to patent his solutions in April 1981 and in May 1982 he sent the first sample to the Austrian army. Army accepted the gun and then Glocks spread throughout the world, including top military knives.

  • Kanetsune

    Knives with a long tradition (more than 800 years). Gorgeous to look at, with exceptional sharpness. In Seki City, the city of leaves, there is the largest number of sword makers and cutlers in Japan. Masters of swords and knives continue in this inimitable craft for hundreds of years and the tradition of classical Japanese production of knives and swords is inherited from generation to generation. Nowadays these knives and swords are exported all over the world. VG-10 steel became famous thanks to cutlery company Spyderco. Besides the traditional Japanese swords and knives, the company is producing kitchen knives and scissors. Master Kanetsune Seki is the best blacksmith in Japan. He joins together tradition and history. All Kanetsune knives are made in Seki City, Japan.

  • Kizlyar

    Dagestan Kizlyar Company delivers cold weapons to Russian military forces and the special forces named Spetsnaz. The quality of these knives belongs to the world’s top.

  • Lansky

    An American producer Lansky Sharpeners is known worldwide for its quality grinding sets at reasonable price, as well as a wide range of other products. All products are designed to meet the safety standards.

  • LionSTEEL

    LionSTEEL Company was founded in 1969 by Gino Pauletta in Maniago, where production of knives is just as traditional as in Solingen. The production was mainly focused on knives from other producers. A few years later the company started to produce its own knives and at that time the LionSTEEL brand was established.

    The name of the brand comes from the lion’s statue in front of their building and material, which blade is made of. At the end of the 90s the three sons of the founder started to work. At that time, company made a huge leap in quality by launching digital cutting machines. By then they had only 15 employees and sold products not only in Europe, but also in USA. They focused on the production of high-quality knives. The company philosophy is to supply knives produced only in Italy. None of the knives or their components are produced in Asia.

  • M-Tech USA

    M-Tech USA is an American producer of knives. The products are subjected to a very strict final inspection. They offer a wide range of different types of knives, including combat and tactical.

  • Magnum by Böker

    The modern Böker Company in Solingen is not only a producer of knives but also a warehouse. Böker is producing knives according to its own designs, knives designed by other well-known cutlers or it allows other companies to produce its knives. Böker presents its own knives to the market under Böker brand or Magnum by Böker brand.

    For years they maintain the Gill Hibben series (artistic collector’s knives). The unique series is consisting of Kalashnikov knives (folding knives designed by well-known cutler Dietmar Pohl).

  • Marksman

    American Marksman slingshots are designed for shooting as a hobby or also for hunting. In our conditions law does not allow hunting with slingshots, but in USA you can hunt birds up to the size of a pheasant.

  • Martinez Albainox

    A Spanish company Martinez Albainox based in Albacete is focused on the production of traditional knives as well as gift knives, etc. 

  • Master Cutlery

    An American producer and seller of knives, swords, historical and film replicas, fantasy knives...

  • Master USA

    An American producer of cold weapons with a wide range of products of good quality and reasonable prices…

  • Miguel Nieto

    Knives of Spanish brand Miguel Nieto with more than a century-old history are made by modern technologies. The company comes from southeast Spain from town Albacete, which has been known since 16th century for traditional production of knives. Knives are synonymous with tradition, quality and modern design.

  • Mikov

    Czech producer Mikov is a brand with a long tradition in Slovakia. Mikov knives come from Mikulášovice. Although after the Velvet revolution, the company monopoly ended with the opening of the market, the production still continues. The company is producing hunting knives, pocket knives, folding knives, military knives, kitchen knives, butcher knives, craft knives, fishing knives, sports knives and special knives.