Kinzhal dagger - Кинжал


Professional workmanship, perfectly refined historical replica dagger Russian tsars from ancient times.

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Kinzhal dagger - Кинжал is a professional design of handmade, perfectly refined historical replica dagger of Russian tsars from ancient times. Top quality, authenticity of the time and quality handwork go hand in hand with the absolute exclusivity of Russian cutters / sword makers. It is a team of professionals dealing only with Russian history and Russian cold weapons, which are produced for a ceremonial or exhibition purpose. Such kinzhal daggers and swords can be found on the richly inlaid and ornate walls of the historical buildings of the kings, rulers of Russia, which of course go back to the depths of the Dark Ages. This is something you really can't buy anywhere ... It's a beautiful and luxurious piece of interior wall that says it all. If you are collectors, lovers of historical cool weapons and true quality at the same time, you must not miss such a candy at home. Rustic design fits perfectly into the interior, which is of the same period ...

The kinzhalu blade is made of stainless steel, has a classic, sharp, bevel-free cutting edge and a high gloss finish in its natural steel silver color.

The center of the blade is equipped with a classic groove, which serves as a channel for blood flow and can be found on both sides of the blade. The blade is ground, fully sharp and the tip itself narrows aggressively so that it easily penetrates into the living in ancient times.

The handle is made of metal, in particular of bronze, which is coated in silver and subsequently the decorative elements are filled with black, which gives the handle a perfect rustic look.

The same is true of the hand-painted casing of this kinzhalu.

Housing body is made of metal, bronze, which is completely precise and elaborated in detail. The rich decoration of the case is the result of hand painting, ie by applying a thin layer of black. Ornaments are embossed in depth by a metal hammering technique. The back of the case is driven in the same way as the front.

The case has a decorative black leather hanging strap.

We emphasize that this is a professional design of a historical replica, which serves only as a decorative element of the interior. In no case shall it serve for fencing, violent and significant hits on hard materials, prying and other similar misuse!


Overall Length 53 cm - total lenght, 43,5 cm length og dager
Blade Length 29 cm
Blade Thickness (at thickest point) 3,7 mm
Blade Width (at the widest point) 3,1 cm
Blade Material Nerez oceľ
Handle Material metal
Sheath Súčasť balenia

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Kinzhal dagger - Кинжал

Kinzhal dagger - Кинжал

Professional workmanship, perfectly refined historical replica dagger Russian tsars from ancient times.