Knife Cuckold


Hunting knife fultang construction in leather case.

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Nice hunting knife of fultang construction, which gives the knife a high strength over its entire length. Practical 10 cm long Drop Point blade with a slight blunt cut. This combination is very suitable for catch processing. The drop point tip of the blade is one of the most popular in opening the catch. As the tip is lowered, it fits well with the finger and reduces the risk of puncture. Slightly hollow cut will show its qualities in dismantling and slicing meat. And the blade with a 4.5 mm back thickness is still strong enough to handle as well as prying in the hinge area of ​​the catch.

To underline the primary purpose of the knife, a deer antler is used as a purse.

Used steel with a hardness of 56 HRC + -1, which makes this knife easy to cut. And so it is easy to sharpen even in the wild. (as well as popular hunting multifunctional knives).

Maintenance and Care:

When used regularly, the knife does not need special maintenance. The basis of maintenance is to keep the knife clean and dry.


Knives with "soft" steel are sharpened to a large angle and usually do not use stones with high grain size. For this knife is suitable Taidea stone 180/600 combined.

Overall Length 21,5 cm
Blade Length 10 cm
Blade Thickness (at thickest point) 4,5 mm
Blade Width (at the widest point) 3,1 cm
Blade Material 420
Handle Material antler
Weight 250 g
Sheath Koža

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Knife Cuckold

Knife Cuckold

Hunting knife fultang construction in leather case.