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Grinding stone RUBBER 6000-8000 180x60x20 mm


Natural abrasive stone The grain / grit scale of 6000-8000 serves for professional final grinding / sharpening.

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Size: 180x60x20 mm

Behind the quality grinding is above all a quality abrasive and as we grind professionally, so we also deal with such abrasives.

Sharpening a knife, razor or any chisel on wood is not easy and it is a big mistake to say that you only need one stone, one grain.

Everything, every job, if it is honest, has its own progress and course.

Let us be proud of our natural wealth, of our mountains and of what our beautiful landscape offers us in such a form.

It is a beautiful feeling when you can sharpen / sharpen your instruments and know that on a stone that is from the same country as you and you can bring the instruments to a top quality level with it.

"The Slovak legendary hero Janosik knew nothing better about sharpening his gelding than the stone from Rozsutec. With the use of water, its fine granular structure ensures excellent sharpening properties.

There is no need to introduce the Rozsutec hill to any Slovak.

Now something about the stone itself.

The big advantage of the stone is that it can be inserted into the rubber bed, which have stones "Taidea" and eliminate any slipping or other movement on the table while sharpening. The stone holds beautifully and steadily and does not fly anywhere, so grinding becomes even more comfortable.

Rozsutec natural sandstone is a sedimentary sandstone from the Slovak mountains Mala-Fatra. Hard stone, consisting of fine and even sand, with high abrasion resistance, is an excellent choice for fine sharpening tools, knives, shaving razors, carving and carpentry chisels.

Basically absolutely everything you want to cut quality and easy to sharpen in the final with this piece of our mountains.

Interesting is the growing popularity of our stones not only at home in Slovakia but also abroad.

These wonderful abrasive stones are produced or made by their nature, but one person with a big heart gives them the form in which you hold them and you can enjoy the high-quality cutting edge of your tools.

For the past 25 years, there is only one person who has really worked these stones and brought them to the market in awe of a few years, acknowledge 25 years is a really good time.

The top and bottom surface of the stone is the same, so let's not look for any two different grains, they are well flattened, beveled and ready for use for most applications, but can be lapped onto a perfectly polished surface suitable for finishing the blade makes a wonderful, perfect mirror, so what to add? See for yourself.

These are largely hand-made natural stones and therefore color, size and shape vary slightly from stone to stone.

What nature has created, we do not change and that is color, texture, etc.

Overall Length 18 cm
Material Natural stone
Type Grit - 6000/8000
Trieda profesinal stone
Height 2 cm
Width 6 cm

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Grinding stone RUBBER 6000-8000 180x60x20 mm

Grinding stone RUBBER 6000-8000 180x60x20 mm

Natural abrasive stone The grain / grit scale of 6000-8000 serves for professional final grinding / sharpening.