List of products by manufacturer Tac-Force

Tac-Force is an American knife brand, which is similar to the style of M-Tech brand. This brand is produced in China. Tac-Force has three categories:

Tac-Force Rescue EMT Knives

EMT is short for “Emergency Medical Technician”. Our series of Tac-Force EMT knives is designed for rescue authorities or for emergency medical personnel as well as firefighters.

Tac-Force Karambit Knives

Our series of Tac-Force Karambit knives is one of the most popular knives that we carry. Karambit is a knife, which comes from Southeast Asia and it was originally created in Indonesia.

Tac-Force Unlimited Wares

Tac-Force Unlimited Wares is the widest range of any universal knives for work or martial arts, including self-defense.