List of products by manufacturer Morakniv

Morakniv knives were already made in Östnor a hundred year ago. They were made in every household, where the cutlery experience was handed down from generation to generation. Nowadays racional methods are used for transfer of hand-craft tradition to modern machine production. The important part of Morakniv knife’s success is that the company is cooperating with experts. Mora of Sweden was founded in 2005 by merging Frosts and KJ Eriksson companies. The name of the company reflects an important connection among our products, Mora city and Swedish origin. Morakniv® is always a product made by Mora Sweden. The company is still managed by owners Frosts and KJ Eriksson. Morakniv is mainly focused on production of knives and ice drills, which are exported worldwide. All products are made only in Sweden.