List of products by manufacturer LionSTEEL

LionSTEEL Company was founded in 1969 by Gino Pauletta in Maniago, where production of knives is just as traditional as in Solingen. The production was mainly focused on knives from other producers. A few years later the company started to produce its own knives and at that time the LionSTEEL brand was established.

The name of the brand comes from the lion’s statue in front of their building and material, which blade is made of. At the end of the 90s the three sons of the founder started to work. At that time, company made a huge leap in quality by launching digital cutting machines. By then they had only 15 employees and sold products not only in Europe, but also in USA. They focused on the production of high-quality knives. The company philosophy is to supply knives produced only in Italy. None of the knives or their components are produced in Asia.