List of products by manufacturer Wüsthof Dreizack Solingen

Wüsthof Dreizack is one of the largest producers of knives and cutlery products in the world. Knives are produced in Solingen in Germany since 1814. Nowadays more than 350 employees are involved in production process and current owners are the 7th generation of family Wusthof.

In Solingen are many well-known cutlers, but Wüsthof Dreizack is most dominant among them. If you want an original cutlery product from Solingen, you should avoid products where producer cannot clearly demonstrate its origin. Many knives on the market bear name “Solingen”, which does not mean anything. Most of these products are better or worse wrapped imitations. You can avoid this problem if you buy original cutlery products Wüsthof Dreizack.