List of products by manufacturer Böker

The history of Böker brand goes back to the 17th century and its products were counted among the leading products in Germany already in the past. Because of the worsening situation, Hermann and Robert Böker decided to start their own production of sabers in 1829.

In the partner company Remscheid there was a big interest in a razors, scissors and pocket knives. The Böker Remscheid advertising from 1874 showed both logos – a chestnut tree and an arrow. The production of Böker and Co in New York was oriented on Solingen knives, but eventually the demand for pocket knives outweighed the demand for every other product and they started their own production of models. During the WWII the Solingen factory was destroyed. Böker is expanding mainly in the American market, but branches in Mexico and Argentina have also gained popularity.