List of products by manufacturer Opinel

The Opinel brand was born in 1890, when Joseph Opinel from Albiez-le-Vieux in France decided to make a small folding knife for his friends, which would be functional, space saving and at the same time low-priced.

Opinel knives usually have a handle made of beech wood and rotating safety system Virobloc, which ensures the blade is kept in opened or closed state. They use basically two kinds of steel: carbon and stainless steel. They can be relatively easily distinguished from each other. Those with carbon steel have a black stamp on the handle. Those with stainless steel have a red stamp. The stainless steel version has an extra word “Inox” imprinted on the blade. Special series of knives may have the handle made of rosewood, olive wood or bone.

Available are also grafting knives and saws. Each knife also has an imprinted hand with a crown on the blade. Knives are produced in several sizes that are numbered. This number signifies a blade length. The smallest Opinel has 3,5 cm, the longest has 22 cm. The size of the blade is imprinted on a metal rotating safety fuse.

One of the classic traditional folding knives from French company Opinel was included by the Museum of Modern Art in New York among the most beautiful 100 things in the world.